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Sport and fitness

The main advantages of Fortelock PVC floors for fitness centers and gyms:

  • The floor can withstand the fall of dumbbells and the long-term weight of exercise machines without any damage
  • Installation is easy, you can do it overnight without having to close up shop in the day
  • PVC material is easy to disinfect and maintains a hygienic environment
  • The floor is pleasant to the touch and you do not get cold when exercising on the floor
  • You can disassemble the tiles at any time and reuse them in a new location
  • A wide range of colours lets you easily organize training areas
  • Print the logo of your fitness studio on selected tiles

Why is Fortelock PVC paving exceptional?

  • Warranty up to 12 years and service life up to 25 years
  • Fortemix has emphasized environmental friendly production for 30 years
  • If a tile becomes damaged, a single tile can be purchased to replace it

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