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Surfboard rental shop, Spain

The surfboard and kiteboard rental shop in Spain chose the Fortelock Industry flooring for a simple reason. Easy maintenance and durability. The floor is kept clean and hygienic easily and is also safe to walk on. The quick installation made it possible to finish the floor in a few hours and also the business operation did not have to be interrupted. The customer also took advantage of our offer and decided to put his personal logo on one of the black tiles. The printing on the tiles is done by using the latest printing technology, which guarantees color quality and offers unlimited possibilities. You can choose from the standard prints we have on offer (GRANIT and MAX prints) or you can come up with your own design (CUSTOM prints). More about our prints offer at

Implementation details

Realization/location: Surfboard rental shop, Dos Mares, Spain
Product: Fortelock Industry
Area: 100 m2
Design: Leather
Color: Blue

Surfboard rental shop, Spain

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