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Tiles on loan

Would you like to try and test our tiles before buying them? No problem.

We let our customers borrow up to 5 m2 of PVC tiles for 1 month free of charge. Select the required tile pattern and contact our customer line, which will take care of the particulars.

Customer Service: +49 152 0267 6255

Delivery of the tiles

After ordering tiles to test free of charge via our customer service, you can pick them up at the Fortemix headquarters in Paskov. If you are unable to pick the tiles up, we will be happy to send them to you via courier service. The shipping cost will depend on the current price list of the selected carrier.

The floor works for you

If the floor has met your expectations and you want to keep it, there will be no need to send the tiles back to us. Simply order tiles to cover the remaining portion of your floor and we will add the amount for the tiles taken on loan to the invoice.

The floor doesn’t work for you

If the floor is not to your liking, you can choose to return the tiles in person or by sending them back to the address below. Before sending the tiles, clean and pack them carefully to avoid damage during transport. You will be invoiced for any missing tiles.

Return address:
Fortemix, s.r.o.
Kirilovova 812
739 21 Paskov
Czech Republic

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půjčení dlaždic

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