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XL ESD tiles

  • Dimension : 653 x 653 mm
  • Thickness : 4 mm
  • Lock : Visible
Selected combination: ESD Black / Snake skin
Colour :

Main parameters of Fortelock XL ESD PVC tiles

  • The XL ESD range is designed for spaces that require an electrostatically conductive floor design and for spaces with medium loads and a flat subfloor
  • Where used: anywhere electrical components are produced for the automotive industry, explosion hazard zones, electrical substations, data centres, laboratories, in healthcare, etc.
  • Meets the requirements of IEC 61340-4-1
  • High mechanical resistance prevents handling equipment or massive point loads from damaging the surface
  • Unique snakeskin design with reflections and easier cleaning
  • Large format tiles (2.5 tiles cover 1 m2)
  • The tiles can be assembled in sections without interrupting operations
  • Highly durable homogeneous material 100% PVC
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of the floor
  • Durable locking system, warranty up to 12 years, lifetime 25 years
  • We have been manufacturing tiles in the Czech Republic for 30 years with a particular focus on the environment

Accessories and services:

XL ESD tiles

  • Dimension : 653 x 653 mm
  • Thickness : 4 mm
  • Lock : Visible
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Total quantity

Covers 0.41 m2

Count the number of tiles according to the area:

x or

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Accessories and services




2230 (snakeskin)

Use of the product

areas that require an electrostatically conductive floor


100% PVC

Dimensions of the tile (width x length x height)

653 x 653 x 4 mm


2.4 kg


92 Shore A

Chemical resistance


Total thickness

4 mm

Thickness of the surface layer

4 mm

Grounding electrical resistance

< 106 Ω

Abrasion resistance

T (deformation under static load; < 0.1 mm)

Dimensional stability

less than or equal to 0.40%

Colour fastness in artificial light

> than 5 (no damage)

Reaction to fire

difficult flammability



Standard colors

grey, graphite, black, blue, green

Warranty on wear

up to 12 years

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