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Industry Ultra tiles

  • Dimension : 510,5 x 510,5 mm
  • Thickness : 10 mm
  • Lock : Visible
Selected combination: ECO Brown / Diamond
Colour :

The main parameters of Fortelock Industry Ultra PVC tiles:

  • The Industry Ultra line is designed for floors under extreme stress and the heaviest industrial load
  • The tiles can withstand the load of pallet trucks and forklifts up to 6600 kg without the need for fixation (at 20 °C)
  • It is particularly ideal for spaces with a high point or dynamic load, especially warehouse halls, industrial production, logistics centers
  • It is characterized by quick and easy installation, maintenance and cleaning of the floor
  • The tiles can be assembled in sections without interrupting operations
  • If necessary, individual tiles can be easily replaced with new ones without having to disassemble the entire floor
  • A rugged system of locks ensure the tiles hold firmly to each other
  • It makes it easy to combine colors and create corridors, paths and guidance lanes
  • The tile is resistant to chemicals and abrasion
  • It stands out for making the floor easy to clean and maintain.
  • It provides heat and sound insulation
  • It is made of highly durable homogeneous 100% PVC (100% recyclable)
  • It
  • The tiles can be imprinted with individual graphic designs – logo, company name, space designation, directional signs, escape routes, etc.
  • Made in the Czech Republic
  • Warranty up to 12 years
  • For a better idea of the final installation, use the possibility of visualizing your space or borrow a few tiles for free

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Industry Ultra tiles

  • Dimension : 510,5 x 510,5 mm
  • Thickness : 10 mm
  • Lock : Visible
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Total quantity

Covers 0.25 m2

Count the number of tiles according to the area:

x or

For non-rectangular shapes, choose our


Accessories and services


Industry Ultra


2410 (diamonds), 2420 (leather), 2440 (coins)

Use of product

industry, heavy-duty warehouses, halls


100% PVC

Dimensions of the tile (width x length x height)

510.5 x 510.5 x 10 mm


3.1 kg


92 Shore A

Chemical resistance


Total thickness

10 mm

Thickness of the surface layer

10 mm

Abrasion resistance

T (deformation under static load; < 0.1 mm)

Dimensional stability

<= 0.40%

Color fastness in artificial light

> than 5 (no damage)

Reaction to fire

difficult incendiary



Colors on order

red, orange, light green, electric blue, purple

Warranty on wear

up to 12 years

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