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Tile prints


Would you like to change the look of your space with something original? Do you need a company logo or other motif on your floor? Try our tile printing service, thanks to which you can let your imagination run wild. We print tiles using the latest printing technology, which guarantees color quality and unlimited possibilities. You can choose from the standard prints we have on offer (GRANIT ) or you can come up with your own design (CUSTOM).

PVC tile prints are especially good for:

  • Trade fairs and other short-term exhibitions
  • Sections of garages, warehouses and production halls outside the main traffic/movement corridor
  • Rooms and buildings – locker rooms, closets, offices
  • Showrooms and design salons

The durability of PVC printed tiles depends on the intensity of the floor in use in the selected space and the method of surface treatment. Printed tiles used in frequented spaces need to be treated with PU varnish, which will prolong the life of your print. You can find out more about our varnishing service here.

CUSTOM prints

When choosing CUSTOM prints, we will print the tiles according to your wishes and ideas. Just send the graphics in print resolution and we will take care of the rest.

We usually print warning symbols, company logos, direction indicators and even family photos on tiles.

Recommended tiles for print CUSTOM:

Print CUSTOM can be ordered through customer service at +420 731 191 581

GRANIT prints

GRANIT contains 3 standard patterns of grain print, which differ in the size of the grain and color combinations.

This seemingly distinctive print lets you optically break up the monotonous appearance of your floor, which can happen when using tiles of only one color.

Recommended tiles for GRANIT prints:

Print Quartz Print Quartz
Print Grey Print Grey
Print Black Print Black

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