Returning Fortelock tiles

Have your Fortelock tiles already served their purpose or have they been used to such extent that they need to be replaced or straightaway disposed of? Forget the landfill option and send your tiles back to us. This will save you time, worry and above all money.

Don’t dispose of old PVC tiles, we will be happy to come for them. You will only pay the cost of transporting them. It will definitely be lower than the average price for disposing of them at your location.

We help you and together we protect the environment
How does it work?

Who is this service intended for?

All customers who have used Fortelock PVC tiles in the past. And who no longer need them. You can make use of our return service because your floor is worn, you are moving or you are no longer using them for whatever reason.

What type of tiles can be returned?

All of them. You can send us back tiles from pure PVC or from recycled material, with or without pigmentation. Just look on the back of your Fortelock tiles and you will see the imprinted Fortelock logo.

Please do not send us any other form of plastic products (pipes, accessories, bags) or other types of flooring (rubber, laminate) which we no longer recommend and will be returned to you.

Also please do not send us other tiles produced from PVC. The service is only meant for Fortelock tiles.

Are old Fortelock tiles waste material?

Not for us. They can be further processed into flooring material. Therefore, do not treat them like waste, rather as material/goods. Used Fortelock tiles returned to us will not be reported as waste.

How should I bring the tiles back to you?

    1. Fill out the form below for taking back your tiles.

    Please provide information on the consignment, such as the number of tiles, weight, address where to pick them up, contact details.

    2. Select the type of transport

    You can decide yourself if we should arrange the transport for you or you will do it yourself.

  1. A. Own transport

    Those of you who live close by or can drive by or have their own transport means can bring the tiles straight to us in Paskov. We will take care of them. We will be happy to accept your tiles anytime during our opening hours. You only need to manage and cover the cost of transport.

  2. B. Transport by Fortemix

    In the event you wish us to provide the transport, our shipping department will send you an email within XX days with information about which service/carrier will drop by for the tiles, when and with a summary of the consignment – number of tiles, pick-up point and delivery date. You will find information about packing and preparing the consignment for pick-up below.

    1. 1. Confirmation from the carrier

      The chosen carrier should call you in advance to agree on the pick-up of the tiles, to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We will also send you contacts to the respective DEPOT.

    2. 2. Pick-up by the carrier

      On the agreed day the collection service/carrier will come for the tiles. And your Fortelock tiles will head straight to us.

    3. 3. Issuing an invoice

      After the tiles arrive, you will receive an email about the receipt of the consignment. You will receive an invoice to pay for the transport within 14 days of the receipt of the tiles. The due date for the invoice is 1 week.

    3. Upload your photos

    As part of sending in your form, you will need to upload photos of the floor that you plan to return. These photos are meant to ensure that the floor really is Fortelock. (We will need a whole view, top view, bottom view, and detailed view)

    After sending in your form, our dealer or shipping department will contact you to get any more information if necessary.

  • Upload a photo of the tiles, top view
    Upload a photo of the tiles, bottom view
    Upload a photo of your total volume

Transport and packaging

What is the minimum or maximum number of tiles that I can return?

Any. Send us 2 tiles or two pallets. If you have originally installed a floor covering 200 m2 and during  rearrangement you have found, for example, that you no longer need 15 m2, send them back to us.

How should I prepare the tiles for transport?

We ask you to follow these basic rules:

Number of tiles < 30

Packed in packages that weigh no more than 30 kg/package

Number of tiles > 30

Tiles placed on a pallet with a maximum total weight of 750 kg (cca 300 tiles, 75 m2)

Strap/secure the tiles to the pallet, wrap them in film to prevent them from moving around as much as possible during the trip.

Please ensure that the tiles are ready to transport in time and loading them is physically possible (access way). The carrier will take care of loading them onto the vehicle using a pallet truck.

How can I find out how much my floor weighs?

You do not need to know how much the tiles weigh to the gram. Simply proceed according to the values given below. If the packages with your tiles are to weigh no more than 30 kg, then remember that you can put there a maximum of 3 m², which = 12 tiles of the Light, Industry, ECO types.

The number of packages with tiles that you can send us is unlimited. We do, however, recommend a maximum of 3 packages. If you know that there will be more, pack them up on a pallet. Transporting them on a pallet will be much cheaper for you.

Helpful calculations:
8 ramps = 1 m2
16 corners = 1 m2
1 tile = 2,2 kg
1 m2 = 4 tiles of Light, Industry, ECO
1 m2 = 5 tiles of DEKOR and Invisible

Do I need to clean the tiles before returning them?

We can deal with practically anything, but we would be happy if you could send us tiles free of any large deposits.

What if I do not pack up the consignment and leave the tiles loose?

There is a big risk here that the tiles will not be accepted within our collection service. According to the international CMR convention, the carrier has the right to refuse to load any shipment it feels is not suitable for transport. The carrier will leave without the tiles and you will be stuck with the costs. We will have to issue you an invoice to pay for transport that was never made.


Where can I find transport prices?

Transport costs are available here. The prices are arranged according to individual countries and weight of goods. The basic division are these weight categories: package, total weight of the pallet up to 250 kg, total weight of the pallet up to 500 kg, total weight of the pallet up to 750 kg.

Remember to add the weight of the pallet into the total weight of the consignment. The average weight of a standard euro pallet of 80 x 200 cm = 20 – 24 kg based on wood.

If your tiles cover a surface of more than 110 m² = 440/550 tiles, we will calculate the price of the transport individually for you.

How is the price for disposal calculated?

It depends on the average and most common prices in your region. If you know that the price of disposal where you are is different and sending your tiles back would not be the better option, please contact us. We will be happy to accommodate you. Transporting them back to us will never be the same or more than the costs of disposing of your tiles as waste. You will save with us.

Frequently asked questions

Is this service guaranteed?

Due to the diversity of renovated floors, their location and the situation on the market, we are not always able to take back every floor and so this service is not guaranteed.

What happens to the tiles as soon as you get them?

We clean and recycle them so that they can be used again as new tiles.

Do I get something for returning my tiles?

You receive no worries about disposing of your floor and considerable savings on landfill costs. In addition, for each meter of returned tiles we contribute 50 CZK to nonprofit organizations in our region.

The service is voluntary. We therefore cannot accept any complaints on the return of tiles or offer a future discount on the purchase of new tiles.

Will you exchange my tiles if I decide to buy more?

Unfortunately it is not within our power to exchange your tiles as part of the service.

Not even in the case where, let us say, you return 200 tiles and you would take 50 new tiles. For example, moving to new premises. Taking back your tiles is not meant to be an exchange program, only to provide for disposing of them. Purchasing new tiles for your floor is connected to other processes.

We help you and together we protect the environment