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Fortelock tiles take-back

Tiles take-back

Our environmental program offers customers the option of us taking back unused Fortelock PVC tiles that would otherwise end up in a landfill. This service saves you time, worries, costs for waste disposal, and you will help us protect the environment. Give us these tiles back and we will take care of the recycling of the waste material and its reuse.

What type of tiles can be returned?

All types of Fortelock tiles regardless of their degree of wear. You can recognize the Fortelock tiles by the logo on the underside of the tile. The service is limited to Fortelock tiles only, so before packing up the tiles for shipment, make sure you are not sending tiles of another brand or other PVC material. Such a shipment will not be accepted.

Types of transport

For those of you unable to bring these tiles to the address of our company due to the distance, we offer Fortemix transport. On the form fill in the collection location, pack the tiles properly according to the instructions given in the frequently asked questions, and then wait for the confirmation email and pick-up information from the carrier. Fortemix Transport is a paid service. However, we will make sure that the freight charge does not cost you more than landfilling in your region.

Frequently asked questions

Shipping and packaging
What is the minimum or maximum amount of tiles I can return?

The number of tiles is unlimited.

How to pack the tiles for pick-up?

Please observe the following rules:

When sending less than 30 tiles
Pack in packages with a maximum weight of 30 kg/package (30 kg is based on 11 Light, Industry, ECO, DECOR or XL tiles)

When sending more than 30 tiles
Pack on a pallet with a total maximum weight of 750 kg (approximately 300 tiles, 75 m2), secure the tiles on the pallet and wrap them in film to prevent them from shifting around while underway.

Make sure your shipment is ready to go in time and provide the carrier with access to the prepared packages or pallet. You will not have to handle the packages or the pallet any further, the carrier will take care of the loading

Do I have to clean the tiles before returning them to you?

It’s not required, but we would appreciate it if you clear away any major dirt.

What if I don’t pack the shipment and leave the tiles loose?

We recommend packing the tiles properly and securing them with film before sending. An unpacked shipment might not be accepted by the carrier. In this case, the cost of the wasted trip would be borne by you.

Where can I find the prices for Fortemix transport?

The price lists for pick-ups vary according to individual countries and the weight of the products. You will be informed about the price of transport by customer service after you fill in the form for taking back the tiles.

What to do if the price for landfilling is cheaper than the freight charge for take-back?

Landfill prices vary by region. If you find that the price for landfilling is cheaper where you are than the freight charge for take-back, customer service will adjust the price to keep you from losing out.

Other questions
Is it possible to exchange tiles as part of this service?

Unfortunately, no. The take-back service is only for returning tiles no longer needed.

Is this service guaranteed?

Due to the variety of renovated floors, their location and the market situation, we are unable to guarantee take-back in all cases. This is not an entitled service.

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    Tile take-back form

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