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Car and tire service

The main advantages of Fortelock PVC floors for car repair shops and tire services:

  • They withstand heavy mechanical loads and technical fluids
  • You can easily install the floor in sections outside of operating hours
  • Anti-slip treads to increase adhesion when vehicles ride up or down the ramp
  • Coloured tiles can be used to highlight dangerous zones under jacks
  • The insulating feature of the tiles makes working under the car more pleasant and reduces noise

Why is Fortelock PVC paving exceptional?

  • In case of damage, you do not have to interrupt operations to carry out repairs, just replace the tile
  • Warranty up to 12 years and service life up to 25 years
  • The floor can be extended to other areas at any time or dismantled and used elsewhere
  • For storage areas, we offer the more cost-effective Fortelock ECO made out of recycled material
  • Fortemix has emphasized environmental friendly production for 30 years

How to do it?

  • Design your service shop in the configurator and count the number of individual tiles
  • Or contact our customer service and we will prepare the offer for you
  • Get a FREE sample or borrow part of the floor to test it in your facility
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