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PVC floor cleaners

Cleaning Solutions

Forteclean Daily Cleaner for Everyday Use

Special active cleaner for daily use and for use after installation of untreated elastic flooring (PVC, linoleum, rubber) or flooring with PU/PUR surface treatment. High cleaning power even on greasy deposits. No surface leaching, no grey film left behind. Cleaning without residue or streaks. For safe non-slip surfaces. Meets DIN 18032 requirements for sports flooring.


  • 100% biodegradable, no hazard symbol
  • No residual microfilm, no surface greying or streaking
  • Supports and maintains non-slip surface properties
  • Suitable for manual mopping as well as mechanical cleaners
  • Tested to standards for safe pedestrian movement in public spaces
  • Fulfils DIN 18032 and DIN EN 14904 requirements for sports flooring
  • Very economical to use – dilution up to 1:200 – 1:400 with water (25-50 ml in 10 litres of water)

Product: Forteclean Daily Cleaner

Packaging: 1 l (for an area of approx. 1,000 m2), 5 l (for an area of approx. 5,000 m2)

Dilution: 1:200

pH: 9.5


Forteclean Intense Cleaner for Deep Cleaning

Neutral active cleaner for deep cleaning of elastic flooring (PVC, linoleum, rubber) and gentle removal of heavy dirt and grease. Ideal for post-installation cleaning in both domestic and industrial buildings. Does not damage protective coatings and films. Suitable for all washable surfaces.


  • Based on highly effective tensides
  • Gently removes heavy dirt and grease
  • Excellent cleaning and emulsion properties
  • Does not form deposits on the surface and leaves no film
  • Is suitable for manual mopping and also for all washing machines
  • Can be used on most surfaces including PVC/LVT, linoleum, epoxy and polyurethane self-levelling floors, rubber, painted wood floors, stone floors, all washable surfaces (doors, tables, cabinets, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, etc.)

Product:  Forteclean Intense Cleaner

Packaging: 1 l (for an area of approx. 50 m2), 5 l (for an area of approx. 250 m2)

Dilution: 1:5

pH: 9.3

ESD Floor Cleaners

Cleaning concentrate for daily cleaning as well as post-installation cleaning. Applicable on all electrostatic discharge floors.


  • Excellent dirt binding properties, even for greasy stains
  • No surface leaching, no grey film left behind
  • No streaking

Product:  Dr. Schutz ESD Floor Cleaner

Packaging: 10 l

Consumption: Normal use: approx. 0.1 litre per 100 m²

pH: 9.5 (concentrate)

Universal Cleaners

Universal product for removing water-soluble and water-insoluble stains such as coca-cola, fruit juice, ketchup, ballpoint ink, jam, red wine, coffee, chocolate, chewing gum, shoe cream, nail polish, asphalt, markers, etc. It is particularly good at removing rubber marks and heel scuffs as well as graffiti and waterproof paints.

Areas of application:

Carpets and textile floor coverings, upholstery and textiles, resilient floor coverings, sports surfaces, waterproof sealed parquet and cork floors, laminate floors, waterproof surfaces.

Follow the flooring care instructions posted at

Product:  Dr. Schutz Universal Stain Remover Elatex

Packaging: 200 ml

Consumption: according to use

pH: 2.5 (concentrate)

How to Properly Clean Flooring and Which Cleaner to Choose

Looking for advice on how to take care of your Fortelock plastic tiles? Not sure what cleaning product to reach for? Here are 6 tips for keeping your Fortelock PVC tiles in top condition. Learn secrets for avoiding dirty or hard-to-clean floors and preventing tile damage. These also apply to other PVC materials, like linoleum. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers who already know how to do it!

1. Prevention is essential

Yes, it is better not to get the floor dirty, but how to go about it? An ideal way is to use cleaning zones at building entrances. A minimum of 2-3 steps on the mat will reduce the amount of dirt that would otherwise end up on your floor.

2. Consistency leads to success

Soilage that remains on the tiles for a long time is harder to remove. Regular cleaning will keep your tiles looking like new and your space looking better. The number of cleanings depends on the intensity of use, but we recommend at least once a week.

3. The right cleaner does wonders

So, you’ve bought an ordinary cleaner and the tiles just won’t get clean? It’s not the tiles’ fault, it’s the cleaner. The right cleaning solution can help make tiles look like new. For all Fortelock tiles we recommend our special Forteclean cleaners.

  • For deep cleaning of ingrained dirt, we recommend Forteclean Intense Cleaner, which removes even the toughest stains or old protective coatings. Just apply it with the recommended ratio of water, let it work for 10 to 15 minutes, scrub with a brush or cleaning machine, and then simply rinse with water and the floor is as good as new.
  • For daily and regular cleaning we recommend Forteclean Daily Cleaner. Its advantage is that it does not foam, does not leave streaks and also forms a fine protective wax film on the surface of the tiles, which protects them from soiling and makes them easier to clean.
  • For ESD tiles we recommend the ESD Cleaner.
  • For isolated spotting we recommend Elatex Universal Stain Remover.

4. Quick dirt removal is the key to cleanliness

Do not give corrosive substances or solvents such as petrol or diesel a chance to work on the tiles. These can cause irreversible damage with prolonged exposure. That’s why such substances should be removed as quickly as possible. If the liquid also gets into the locks, disassemble the tiles as soon as possible, clean them and dry them thoroughly before reinstalling them.

When using cleaning agents, the exact opposite rule applies. With Basic Cleaner R, the time it is allowed to work on the soilage is absolutely crucial. We recommend allowing the cleaner to work for at least 10 to 15 minutes before wiping away. Only in this way can the cleaner effectively break down ingrained dirt and grime. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

5. The right brush works wonders

Imagine what a car would look like after washing with a wire brush. This is exactly what would happen to tiles if you cleaned them with an unsuitable polishing brush or plate. When utilising a cleaning machine, opt for a cleaning plate with red brushes. And if you’re wondering whether a plate or a cylinder is better, we have the answer for you. For Fortelock tile patterns, a cleaning plate with brushes (not a pad) is better – they can remove dirt better and faster than cylinders.

For manual cleaning, use a conventional brush with medium-hard bristles. These can get into the fine grooves in Fortelock tiles.

6. A protective shield for your tiles

Want to keep your tiles in perfect condition for as long as possible? The application of a special polyurethane protective varnish can be a great help. The varnish facilitates subsequent maintenance and enhances their appearance. In addition, it is applied directly at the factory, so you get a finished lacquered tile to begin with.


The Floor before and after Cleaning

This is what happens to floors for our customers who have cleaned their flooring with inappropriate cleaning products and did not follow proper cleaning procedures, which are so essential.

When we took over the floor, the result was noticeable at first sight.

Take a look at the photos and judge for yourself what a difference the right procedure and the right cleaning product can make. Clearly, it pays off to give sufficient attention to cleaning the floor.

We’ve also prepared a video to show you how the whole cleaning process works. For this purpose, we selected extremely dirty tiles to which we applied the aforementioned cleaning solutions and procedures. See the results for yourself. Video.

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