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Trade fairs and Exhibitions

The main advantages of Fortelock PVC floors for trade fairs, exhibitions and events

  • The locks of our tiles are durable for repeated reassembly
  • The Fortelock Industry floor can withstand a point load of up to 520 kg per 1 cm2
  • Your corporate logo can be printed in certain colors of tiles
  • Variability allows you to use the same tiles for stands of different shapes and sizes
  • Installation and disassembly is very easy, a single worker can do it in a few hours
  • The floor is compact and easy to transport, you can place up to 120 m2 on a single pallet

Why is Fortelock PVC paving exceptional?

How to do it?

  • Design your own floor for your stand in our configurator
  • For offers regarding customer prints, contact our customer line
  • Get a FREE sample or you can borrow part of the floor to try it
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