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The Environment

We have been protecting the environment for many years. Last year was no different. We managed to increase the amount of recycled plastic by more than half compared to the previous year, bringing us to a record number of more than 3,000,000 kg of plastic waste.

As a result, plastics do not end up in landfills or incinerators, but are used for manufacturing our environmentally friendly products of the Fortelock Industry, XL, Invisible, Home and Business lines. Recycled tiles are technically sophisticated and patented products that allow us to renovate floors without demolition. You can find them under the ECO label in several colors and they are cost-effective.

We are glad that our production contributes to the protection of nature and preserves it for future generations. By recycling 3,000,000 kg of plastic, we also save 5,496,000 kg of CO2, which equals emissions of about 1,000 cars* and we also save 725,000,000 l of water**.

Together with us, our customers are also participating in this environmental protection. Thanks to the fact that they renovate their floors with our tiles, they save up to 80% of emissions compared to new concrete floors. In addition, all our tiles are recyclable. When scraps appear during production, we crush them in our crushers and process them again, so our manufacturing generates a minimum amount of waste and emissions.

We behave ecologically not only in the production of our tiles, but our entire factory is built out of reused materials. We used the same idea for constructing our new administrative building, which has become a unique building and not only from an architectural point of view.

* Calculated from emissions of 2.1 kg CO2 eq. /kg of primary plastic saved after deducting recycling and processing emissions of 0.268 kg CO2 eq./kg

** Calculated from the water consumed by producing 242 l / kg of primary plastic after deducting recycling and processing emissions of 0.268 kg CO2 eq./kg)

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