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Fitness room at Montanus Apartments, Czech Republic

Fortelock flooring is ideal for fitness centers, as well as home fitness corners and rooms. The floor can be easily installed and relocated at any time in the event of a change in layout. A few weeks ago, we installed the Fortelock Industry floor in the Priessnitz apartment in Montanus Apartments. The customer also contracted the PRINT CUSTOM tile printing service to put their logo in the new gym directly on the floor. We are happy to share this reference from the owner with you:


“Every year we try to give our guests something new at Montanus Apartments in order to make their stay with us even more pleasant. After a hard year that saw fitness centers and sports facilities of all types close down, we decided to turn our unused veranda into a fitness room with something for everybody. It has an exercise bike, stepper, training bands, fitness bench, dumbbells, parallel bars, fitness mats and other equipment. Because the veranda had ceramic tiles that are naturally cold and run the risk of breaking, we looked around for more adaptable tiles to lay on top of the original ceramic tiles.

We wanted a colorful PVC floor in the new gym that would dampen impact and be easy to install without drilling or modifying the original tiles. In the event the building gets bigger in the future, the new floor can be fully moved and used elsewhere in the complex. It was also important for us to be able to wipe down the new floor or give it a good cleaning. We boiled it down to the Fortelock floor, which was the only one to meet all these requirements, and also because it looks stylish. We are also excited about the tile printing. We used the option to have the tile printed with our logo. All we had to do was send in our design. The result was worth it.

Installing the floor went lightning fast. Without the molding and stairs, it took less than an hour, which was really great. We are excited about it and believe our guests will be excited about it too. If you are thinking about a floor in a fitness corner or room, like we were, we can only recommend the Fortelock floor.”



Installation details

Installation / location: Montanus Apartments, Malá Morávka, Czech Republic
Area: 9 m2
Product: Fortelock Industry
Design: Leather
Color: Gray, Electric Blue (color to order)

Fitness room at Montanus Apartments, Czech Republic

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