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Hockey dressing room – Havířov, CZ

During the spring and summer, we have successfully modernized dressing rooms of the A-team hockey players in the Gascontrol Arena. The reconstruction of the dressing rooms at the winter stadium in Havířov required an individual approach and solutions for floor systems.

We have chosen Fortelock Industry PVC tiles for high loads. The floor covering resists not only abrasion from ice skates, but also melted water and also body sweat, which arises during physical exersises. The individual parts of the floor are interconnected by a system of locks, which allows the replacement of any damaged pieces without the need to replace the entire area.

Customer statement

„We laid the floor ourselves, the installation was easy, no problems at all“

Implementation details:

Realization / location: Havířov, Ice stadium / dressing room of hockey players, Czech Republic
Area: 189 m2
Product: Fortelock Industry, 2020
Design: Snake skin
Color: Graphite, Blue

Hockey dressing room – Havířov, CZ

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