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26. 5. 2021

New Fortelock accessory – moldings

Are you wondering how to finish laying Fortelock tiles around your walls? You don’t have to anymore. Thanks to our new accessory, you have less to worry about. The new Fortelock moldings have been designed to enable you to do the installation with simple tools and without the help of floorers.

Advantages of using moldings

Protection of the wall against swipes and other damage
Prevention of water leakage during mopping in case of an imperfect installation
• Elimination of the problem of dirt settling into cracks due to the imperfect adhesion of the tiles to the wall
Overlapping imperfect cuts
Functional and aesthetic finish of floor

Find moldings together with other accessories in our e-shop in the tiles section. Combine the color of the boards and floor according to your taste.

Explore the installation of our boards from the instruction video or the Fortelock instructions for moldings.


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