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26. 5. 2021

How to install Fortelock moldings? It’s easy

Not sure how to do the installation of Fortelock moldings, which method to choose and how to proceed? Take a look at the instructions to make your decision easier.

Possible ways to install Fortelock moldings

Fortelock moldings can be installed in two ways. You can choose to glue or drill them. We recommend gluing because it’s an easier installation.

Installation of moldings by gluing

To install moldings by gluing, you will need:

• underboards (found in the tiles section)
• glue (we recommend Mamut Glue)
• folding knife
• yardstick or ruler
• Fortelock moldings (Industry, XL or Invisible)

Measure and mark the height of the wall for installing the underboard (we recommend 9.5 cm above the base) or we can use tiles that will serve as the base for installation. Divide the tiles into piles of 6 each on top of the other and spread the piles prepared in this way along the wall at a distance of approximately one meter.

Then prepare the underboard by cleaning and applying an even amount of glue on it at points along the entire length. Then lay the underboard on the bottom edge of the prepared tiles and press it against the wall. In order to achieve an even distribution of the adhesive, it is necessary to press the board with a lot of pressure.

Installation of moldings with drilling

To install moldings with drilling, we need:

• underboards (found in the tiles section)
• dowels
• screws
• folding knife
• yardstick or ruler
• Fortelock moldings (Industry, XL or Invisible variant)
• drill
• pencil

First, shorten the underboard as needed and then pre-drill holes with a diameter of 10 mm. Drill the holes at a distance of about half a meter from each other.

Place the underboard on the wall, measure and mark the height at which the board will be installed. Then mark the axial center of the holes in the wall according to the holes in the board. According to the marks, drill holes in the wall for the dowels (the diameter of the drill bit is based on the diameter of the dowel). Clean the drilled holes with a vacuum cleaner and insert the dowels.

Attach the underboards and screw them on. Check the height and flatness before fully tightening the screws.
After completing the installation of the underboards, insert the Fortelock moldings onto the pre-prepared underboards.

How to cut the inner and outer corner?

Measure everything carefully before you start cutting. Also take into account the thickness of the board. Cut the corners with a circular saw with fine teeth or by hand using a folding knife.

Place the board perpendicular to one of the inner walls of the cutting board (just as you would like to place it against the wall) and secure it so that it doesn’t move when cutting. Cut a right or left angle as needed.

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