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Fortelock PVC Tiles – The Ideal Garage Floor

Are you looking for a new garage floor and want to make sure your investment will be durable and functional in the long term? Fortelock PVC tiles are a modern and practical solution. This garage floor will meet the expectations of any garage owner looking for quality, durability and aesthetics.

Quick and Easy Installation

Fortelock tile installation is designed to be quick and hassle-free. The tiles are easy to join thanks to the lock system and do not require gluing or special tools. This means you can install the floor yourself in one day and start using it immediately.

Durable Garage Floor

The high durability of the tiles is ideal for garages that are used for car maintenance, heavy tool storage or as a workspace for various projects. The tiles are designed to withstand high mechanical stress and short-term exposure to chemicals, making them ideal for garage environments.

Original Look and Design

Want your garage to look great and represent your personality or the style of your car? Fortelock offers a wide range of colours and patterns so you can create a floor exactly to your liking. Whether you prefer the classic black look, vibrant colours or a combination of different shades, Fortelock will meet your aesthetic requirements. Tile printing is also popular, making your garage completely original.

Easy Maintenance and Long Service Life

Fortelock PVC tiles are designed to last for many years while being easy to maintain. Thanks to their smooth surface, only water and common cleaning agents are needed to clean them. In the event of damage, you can simply replace the damaged tile without having to repair the entire floor.

Ecological Approach

Ecology is important to our society. That is why we also offer tiles in the ECO option. They are just as durable, but the material used makes them more affordable. Find out more about these tiles in this article.

Use the Online Configurator and Visualisation

Before installation, you can use the online configurator and visualisation to get a better idea of how your new floor will look. You can also easily calculate the final price and order exactly as much material as you need.

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If you too are considering Fortelock tiles for your garage and would like to see the material for yourself, ask for a SAMPLE tile.

Fortelock PVC tiles are the right choice for anyone looking for a garage floor that is durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Thanks to the wide range of products on our website, you can choose a floor tailored to your garage and enjoy the quality that Fortelock brings.

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