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Warehouse for plumbing and heating needs, Czech Republic

A Czech company that has been engaged in the wholesale and retail trade of plumbing and heating products for several years decided to go with Fortelock Industry PVC interlocking tiles for building its new warehouse. These tiles are convenient not only in the sense that the new floor is quick and easy to install and can be done alone, but also in that they protect the goods in the warehouse. The non-slip surface and absorption of impacts make it easier to handle products.

What the client says:

For the construction of the new hall, we decided to go straightaway with Fortelock Industry floor tiles. Precisely because it is softer, it’s good for handling the ceramics we have in the shop because it prevents unwanted damage from any drops. We also appreciated the fact that we could install it ourselves and quickly overall.

Luboš Retr, Managing Director

Implementation details

Location: Lysá nad Labem
Area: 400 m2
Material used: Fortelock Industry 2010 Grey

Warehouse for plumbing and heating needs, Czech Republic

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