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Showroom, CZ

With our Fortelock Business range, we provide the ideal solution for representative commercial premises, catering facilities, retail outlets and offices. It was also used in our new showroom / training room, where all the colours of the Business range were used. This unique combination of Fortelock tiles and premium products from the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy-duty vinyl flooring is not only stylish, but practical.

Thanks to the patented ZeroGap lock, you can count on minimal water leakage. Fast installation without the need to restrict traffic ensures the smooth running of your business. In addition, hidden locks do not interfere with the elegant design.

Our floors are highly resistant to the wear and tear of commercial environments, including resistance to the effects of chair casters. Easy maintenance, surface cleaning and disinfection options ensure an anti-allergenic environment for your employees and clients.

Thanks to our durable locking system, we offer up to a 12-year warranty. See for yourself the quality of our floors with the Business range.

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Installation details:

Location: Czech Republic
Area: 15 m2
Product: Fortelock Business
Colour: Ribbon, Elias, Galibier, Pinnacles, Light pure grey

Showroom, CZ

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