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Retirement home, Czech republic

Fortelock tiles also found their use in a retirement home, where they fit beautifully into the common areas and corridors. The grey-yellow combination gave the space a modern interior look and optically enlarged the area. And what are the main advantages of Fortelock PVC flooring for connecting corridors and hallways? The main advantage is an easy installation, which you can handle in a few hours without any disturbance to your business. Another advantage is an easy maintenance and also the fact that you can use a disinfectant, which will not damage the tiles. And what to do in a case of an unforeseen damage? The tiles can be purchased one piece at a time and easily replaced.

Implementation details

Realization/locality: Retirement home, Czech republic
Product: Fortelock Industry
Design: Leather
Color: Grey, yellow, green

Retirement home, Czech republic

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