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Production hall, Italy

The Italian company Spiedi, a leader in meat processing and distribution, has chosen our Fortelock Industry and XL tiles for the renovation of their floor in its production hall. The installation is very easy and it can take place during continuous operation. It also meets the hygienic requirements for cleaning and maintenance. The tiles are resistant to falling objects, dampen sounds when they hit the ground, and also do not cause echoes in space. Potential problems with groundwater rise and mold formation are minimized by the system of drainage channels that drains excess moisture away and promotes floor drying from the bottom. Fortelock floor is suitable not only for large production halls, but also for garages, fitness centers and warehouses.

Implementation details

Location: Spiedì arrosticini, Italy
Area: 3,099 m2
Products: Fortelock Industry and Fortelock XL
Colors: Blue, Rosso Red, Yellow
Patterns: Skin and snakeskin

Production hall, Italy

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