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Primary school – afterschool, Czech Republic

This installation is proof that our floor can make afterschool a cozy experience. The demands for such a space are high. It must be clean, the floor must not be slippery, it must be easy to maintain and above all look good. This primary school decided to use large-format Fortelock XL tiles instead of carpet. Our wide range of colors allowed them to beautifully combine the pattern to match the surrounding equipment and the result has been really worth it. The great thing is that the floor can be dismantled and rearranged, which will be fun for children. There are no limits to the imagination.

Fortelock tiles are great for this type of interior mainly because they meet all the above requirements. They provide thermal and noise insulation, the surface is not slippery, it is durable, easy to maintain and in case of local damage or the deterioration of a single tile, the damaged piece can be easily replaced with a new one.

Installation details:

Location: Czech Republic
Product: Fortelock XL
Flat: 15 m2
Design: Snakeskin
Color: Grey, Rosso Red, Yellow

Primary school – afterschool, Czech Republic

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