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Garage, Poland

A customer from Poland decided to renovate the garage and he used Fortelock Invisible PVC tiles. He chose grey and black color combination which beautifully complemented the entire interior of the garage and looks very elegant and clean. The durable locking system holds the tiles firmly together and this prevents water from flowing under the tiles. However if a small amount of water flow under the flooring tiles all water will dry out thanks to the AirFlow technology.

The customer also used our tile printing services and had tiles printed by the AUDI logo. If you would like to change the look of your garage in an original way or you need a company logo or other motif on the floor, there is nothing easier than using our services. There are no limits to your imagination. We print on our tiles with using the latest printing technology, which guarantees high color quality and unlimited possibilities. You can choose from the standard prints we have in offer (GRANIT and MAX prints) or you can come up with your own design (CUSTOM prints).

Detail of execution

Location: Poland
Product: Fortelock Invisible
Area: 50 m2
Design: Snake skin
Color: Grey, Black

Garage, Poland

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