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Garage, Czech Republic

We provided our customer in the Czech Republic with a gray floor tiles, which have an unique snake skin pattern with reflections and possibility of easy cleaning. Customer has laid the tiles on the original concrete floor, which didnt suit him any longer and already was not looking good. The reason why our customer chose Fortelock PVC tiles was high velocity and ease of installation, as well as the possibility to harmonize the color of the floor with main interior. The customer stopped his choice on Fortelock Invisible tiles serie for his garage, which are unique thanks to hidden locks (lock seams are not visible after laying tiles). Our tiles are resistant to high loads, chemicals and abrasion, also Fortelock provide thermal and sound insulation.

Implementation details

Location: Loučná, Czech Republic
Product: Fortelock Invisible
Color: Graphite
Pattern: Snake skin

Garage, Czech Republic

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