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22. 6. 2021


Fortemix has been focused on processing used PVC material to produce new patented products for a while now. Processing and recycling old and unused materials is supported also in order to maintain resource sustainability and reduce waste.

PVC is one of the most widely used plastics all around the globe with a wide range of long-lasting applications. Due to its irreplaceable characteristics and properties, it is often used in construction, but also in the sports and medical industries. Another advantage of PVC is the possibility of repeated recycling. This is possible up to several times in a row.

Thanks to recycling, here at Fortemix we save over 2.400.000 kg of plastic a year – material, that would otherwise end up at landfills, junkyards or would be incinerated. We started our recycling activities back in 1999 and continue ever since. Not only we are able to reuse waste and production scrap, we also offer a take-back service of our products. Customers can return products made by us that they no longer want or need and which they would otherwise take to landfills. This gives our customers the opportunity to participate with us in our recycling commitment and environmental efforts – in a voluntary way.

Thanks to our activities as part of recycling, we have obtained the Recovinyl certificate. Recovinyl is an accredited company founded in 2003 by VinylPlus®. Recovinyl certifies not only PVC waste recycling companies, but also companies that purchase recycled PVC in order to produce new PVC products.


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