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New Fortelock Business decors

Fortelock Business is a revolutionary solution for your business premises. With these innovative PVC tiles, you can quickly and easily transform the look of any space, whether it’s a shop or a café, without disrupting normal operations. Fortelock Business combines the latest technology and design for tiles that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also stand out for their functionality and long-term durability.

Our PVC tiles are made of top quality materials that guarantee high resistance to wear, abrasion and chemicals. Thanks to the patented ZeroGap lock, the tiles are also almost impermeable to water and dirt, simplifying maintenance and making them more hygienic.

With Fortelock Business PVC tiles, you can easily achieve a professional look without the need for lengthy construction work or high costs. Installation is quick and intuitive, allowing you to restore your floor in a single night. In addition, in the event of damage, you need only replace the damaged tiles instead of renovating the entire floor.

Why choose Fortelock Business for your space:

  • Aesthetic appearance and a wide choice of designs: We offer a range of attractive decors that easily adapt to the look of your space.
  • Extreme durability and long service life: These tiles are designed to withstand the high stress and wear and tear typical of commercial spaces.
  • Quick and easy installation: No suspension of operations is necessary for installation, saving time and money.
  • Minimal maintenance: The ZeroGap system makes the floor easy to maintain and resistant to penetration by dirt and grime.

New Fortelock Business decors – 2024 Design Collection

The new collection includes 7 stock decors, and 56 custom decors. It stands out for its modern design, high durability and easy maintenance. Once again there are three grout tints to choose from: beige, brown and graphite.

The basic collection includes the following decors:

The full collection can be found in our catalogue.

Easy installation with Fortelock Business

Have a look our guide to installation, which you can do on your own over closing time. This way you won’t incur losses from reduced operations even as you save the cost of hiring an external flooring company.

An investment in Fortelock Business is an investment in the future of your premises. Choose the quality, style and functionality that only Fortelock Business can offer. Write for a sample today and see what’s so special about our products for yourself.

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