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Maximum Durability and Efficiency: Fortelock PVC Tiles – Floor for Production Halls and Warehouses

If you’re in charge of a production hall or manage a warehouse, you face challenges every day to keep everything running efficiently and smoothly. The topic is often what is the right floor for a production hall or warehouse? The choice of such floor plays a key role in ensuring the safety, durability and longevity of your working environment. Fortelock PVC tiles are a unique floor solution for production halls and warehouses, providing exceptional mechanical resistance while allowing for quick and easy installation.

Resistance and Dynamic Load

Fortelock Industry and Industry Ultra PVC tiles are designed to withstand heavy loads and impacts. Not only can they handle static loads of up to 520 kg per cm2, but also dynamic loads of up to 6,600 kg, ensuring that forklifts and pallet trucks can move on them without fear of damage. These values are not just theoretical, but are based on thorough tests and specifications. The high durability of these tiles is ideal for industrial environments with frequent forklift and pallet truck traffic. They are unbreakable and perfectly absorb the impact of heavy objects.

Recommended Floor for Production Halls and Warehouses

Fortelock Industry – For high loads

Fortelock Industry Ultra – For extreme loads

Please refer to the technical data sheet for details of the technical parameters.

Unbreakability and Shock Absorption

One of the most distinctive features of Fortelock PVC tiles is their unbreakability. In practice, this means that even if a common object falls on the floor, the tile remains intact. This feature is particularly important in environments where there is a risk of tools, components or other objects falling and damaging a conventional concrete floor or older ceramic tiles. With Fortelock PVC tiles you can reduce the risk of damage to the floor itself, reduce dust and improve the working environment to increase worker safety.

Fortelock tiles protect not only the floor itself, but also objects that may fall on it. Thanks to their ability to absorb shock, for example, a glass container that would probably crack on a hard floor can remain intact when dropped on a PVC tile. This is particularly advantageous for the storage and handling of fragile materials or products.

Quick and Easy Installation without Traffic Restrictions

Fortelock PVC tile installation is designed for quick and easy installation and minimal traffic restrictions. Installation is intuitive and can be done without special tools or long downtimes, allowing your business to continue without interruption.

See how easy it is to install Fortelock floor in ourvideo.

Space Visualisation, Aesthetic Variability and Safety

Fortelock offers a wide range of colour options and patterns that allow you to create safety zones, logistics routes or aesthetically pleasing working environments. With Fortelock PVC tiles, you can not only divide your space into security areas, but also support your company’s visual identity.

Find out what the floor can look like in your hall with a visualisation and use our configurator for planning.

Durability and Environmental Sustainability

Fortelock tiles not only withstand extreme industrial conditions, but also contribute to environmental protection. With a lifespan of up to 25 years and a warranty of up to 12 years, investing in Fortelock is a long-term sustainable choice. You can also restore the floor in case of localised damage. The Fortelock system allows you to replace individual tiles without the need to repair the entire floor, again helping to reduce material consumption and save on your investment.


Fortelock’s production hall or warehouse floor is synonymous with durability, safety and efficiency. If you’re looking for a long-term reliable flooring solution that can handle tough conditions while allowing you to maintain high productivity, Fortelock PVC tiles are the right choice.

If you want to see the properties of the floor for yourself, ask for a sample of the tile.

Contact our experts for more information, technical specifications or an individual offer. We are ready to help you find the best floor solution to meet the specific requirements of your industrial space.

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