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Heavy-Duty Floor: Industrial Solutions from Fortelock

In industrial environments, a floor is more than just an everyday surface; it has to withstand heavy loads and abrasion. This is especially true in places with frequent forklift traffic or where there is a risk of heavy objects falling. A heavy-duty floor is vital in such settings.

Fortelock provides a solution in the form of PVC tiles specifically designed for an industrial environment. With carefully selected materials, these tiles are highly resistant to mechanical damage. They are ideal for new halls or for quick and easy reconstruction of substandard surfaces.

Stands up to Forklifts and Pallet Trucks

Fortelock floors can easily withstand the stress caused by forklifts and pallet trucks, a fundamental requirement for flooring in industrial areas. If your operation uses these trucks, our floor can take the heavy load.

If you have been looking for flooring for an industrial hall, you have no doubt come across the terms point load and dynamic load. What do they mean?

The floor’s point load is a measure of how much weight a floor can support in a small area, usually measured in square centimetres. This is particularly important in industrial environments where heavyweight machinery, equipment or furniture may rest on small-area contact points such as legs or wheels.

Dynamic load for industrial floors refers to loads that move or change, such as heavy vehicles moving across the floor. The dynamic load includes the forces that act on the floor when you move forklifts, pallet trucks or heavy objects across the floor.

We have designed Fortelock PVC floors to withstand both point loads (520 kg/cm2) and dynamic loads (6 600 kg), so they can stand up to industrial and warehouse environments.

For better orientation in our tile selection, here is an overview of dynamic loads by tyre or wheel type.

For further technical details, see the technical data sheet.

Shock Absorption and Floor Resiliency

Thanks to the flexibility of Fortelock PVC tiles, the floor is able to absorb shocks. That has two advantages:

1. Heavy-Duty Floor

When a heavy object like a hammer, tool or large component falls, it will not crack the floor, as may happen with concrete flooring or conventional ceramic tiles. This also means less dust.

2. Protection for Fragile Items

Shock absorption reduces the risk of damage to fragile objects that would shatter if dropped on a normal floor.

Check out these features in our videos!

We recommend these tiles for industrial environments:

  • Industry Ultra – heavy-load flooring. With tile thickness of 10 mm it can withstand the tough conditions of industrial operations.
  • Industry – tiles 7 mm thick for heavy loads. Suitable for production halls and warehouses.

Both types of tiles are available in a standard as well as an ECO version, which not only protects the environment but is up to 30% cheaper.

Reliable, Heavy-Duty Floors for Your Premises

Fortelock’s heavy-duty floor is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a floor that can stand up to tough industrial conditions. It’s an investment in the safety, efficiency and sustainability of your working environment.

In addition, Fortelock’s PVC floors offer anti-slip surfaces for increased safety, the ability to highlight work zones with coloured tiles and minimal base layer preparation requirements, which can add up to a savings of 80% off the time it takes for traditional floor installation.

Contact our experts for more information, technical specifications or an individual offer. We are ready to help you find the best floor solution to meet the specific requirements of your industrial space.

Heavy-Duty Floor

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