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25. 5. 2021

You can´t damage the Fortelock tiles, even if you run over them with a tank

And that is literally the true !

Are you choosing a new floor for a garage, a workshop, an office or a production area ? Buying a new floor brings a considerable impact to a budget, but with our Fortelock PVC tiles you can not go wrong. Despite the initial higher costs.

The floor must serve for many years, it should be attractive, but also durable and able to withstand a large load. And all that our floor meets. Fortelock tiles have a first-class interlocking system. It can be laid on new or old substrates. It excels in high wear and tear resistance and it is characterized by a chemical resistance and long-term stability. It insulates heat and sound, and you can install it without interrupting your business.

It is suitable for garages, offices, shops, but at the same time it can withstand high operating loads in a production or in a car repair shop. It fits perfectly into a café, children’s playroom or a car showroom. It is easy to maintain and it is safe to walk on. And last but not least, you can lay it down all by yourself in a few hours with a minimum of tools.

The Fortelock floor can handle a tank! You can see for yourself.


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