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27. 4. 2021

We help to restore the planet Earth

Adam Milata, the director and the owner of our company Fortemix claims that the goal of his business is not only to make a profit, but mainly to have an active responsibility towards society and our planet.

The cooperation with the Eden reforestation project is the proof that these are not just empty words. This project is aiming to restore forests in different parts of the world. It currently operates in eight countries and has planted almost 600 million trees. At the same time, they hire the locals living in poor communities, to plant the trees which provides them dignified living. This creates a perfect cycle to help not only the nature but also the inhabitants of the country. You can find more information at

And how does the tree planting relates to the flooring that is produced near Ostrava? Fortemix is committed to pay for one tree for each sqm of tiles produced. The owner of the company chose the area in Nepal. This is how a new wooded area with almost 750,000 new trees will grow. Thanks to this, dozens of local people will find work, which is not easy at all in these parts.

This is to show that if you have the enthusiasm, the vision and above all the heart, you can take part in restoring our planet and helping the people in poor areas.

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