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23. 2. 2022

Water and chemicals on a Fortelock floor

We have created another short video to inform you as always about the features and benefits of the Fortelock floor. They answer the most frequently asked questions that you put to us. Another interesting topic is:

Resistance to chemicals and other types of fluids

Fortelock tiles are not waterproof. In the event that liquids of any amount are spilled on the floor, we recommend wiping them up as soon as possible so that no liquid enters the lower layers. If this does happen, our tiles have a unique AirFlow duct system on the underside to remove small amounts of moisture. However, if a large amount of liquid gets under the tiles, we recommend taking apart that section of the floor, drying it and reinstalling the tiles. The function and quality of the floor will not be affected by this.

When installing floors made of Invisible, Home and Business tiles, you can glue the joints of the tiles with a special adhesive for cold welding PVC. This makes the tiles much more resistant to liquids.

You can achieve maximum waterproofness by completely gluing the entire floor.

The Fortelock floor is also resistant to chemicals. Short-term exposure to oils will not damage the floor, as is the case with concrete floors, for example. However, we recommend wiping up oils and other greasy substances as soon as possible to prevent chemical reactions from causing color differences between PVC and oils.

More detailed information can be found in the technical data sheet.

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