Warehouse and Workshop Floors with Long Service Life


In warehouses or workshops, the floor is more subjected to the action of various factors than anywhere else. In this case it should be resistant to spilled detergents, water, forklift movements or the weight of stored materials.

In these places concrete floors are mainly used, which has its advantages. If you’re looking for something to fit a small shop with and you do not need anything special, maybe that’s enough. However, companies should consider flooring alternatives for their large warehouses. PVC floors in workshops and warehouses provide many opportunities than you might have expected.

Are you looking for a floor with a long service life?

Long life service is usually the most important criterion for customers when choosing a floor. If you are looking for such a flooring system, the optimal solution is the PVC floor of Fortelock Industry. This model is often used in industrial plants and is also the perfect solution for warehouses where heavy goods are stored. This type of floor accepts heavy loads such as, for example, often used in line with four-wheeled trolleys with rubber tires for loads up to 1500 kg. Ideally suits your warehouse, hangar, factory or a smaller workshop. It also has excellent chemical resistance, so you do not have to worry if you spill something on the floor. Due to the wide range of colors, it allows you to create practical patterns on the floor, ensuring the distinction of different zones and helps to ensure work safety.

Easy installation of PVC flooring

If you’re wondering, what floor to get for your workshop, you should start with the installation of the new floor. In case of concrete, it is a bit more complicated. It is common practice that the groundwork must first be prepared. If you intend to renovate the floor in a workshop or warehouse, you need to make sure that the floor is clean and smooth. At the beginning, we have to prepare gravel. Then prepare a clapboard construction made of steel pipes or wooden beams. The concrete is mixed, poured on the floor and smoothed with a polisher. Finally, the floor is sprayed with acrylic resin which reduces its water absorption.

With PVC tiles it’s a lot easier. The first step is the same – the surface must also be smooth and flat, for example, by using self-leveling screeds. Then you can draw lines on the floor by using a chalk, prepare a saw, rubber hammer and get to work. At the beggining, entire tiles have to be placed, they will fit into each other perfectly thanks to their system of locks. After this step, you prepare the rest of the tiles that will be on the edges of the room. This can be easily managed by cutting the tiles with a saw or a cutting knife. In warehouses and workshops where forklift trucks are moving at a daily basis, or there is constantly higher humidity, it is better to stick tiles to the floor with glue.

In smaller workshops you can carry out the installation without any help, and in large warehouses you will not need to stop operation and daily work. Installing the PVC floor is a matter of few hours depending on the size of the room. One person can set 20 m2 of surface per hour.

What aren‘t concrete floors capable of?

Concrete is undoubtedly the target industrial floor, but if you want to change something for the better, Fortelock Industry will definitely be a perfect choice.

Easy cleaning: A cloth or mop and an ordinary floor cleaner at a home workshop. In a larger warehouse, a cleaning machine with a rotating brush.

Wide range of colors: Different work zones are divided in factories and larger plants by color. Thanks to Fortelock PVC floors, you can easily reach these zones in different colors.

Non-slip surface: Fortelock tiles are equipped with an anti-slip surface, which is good not only for pedestrians. This advantage is particularly useful in warehouses in which handling equipment moves. A pallet truck can also slide on the wet floor.

The possibility of a quick repair: You can not repair a concrete floor by parts, but in case of a PVC floor, you can replace one tile.

Classic concrete floor or modern PVC tiles?

In the case of getting a concrete floor for your warehouse or workshop, if you use cement toppings to strengthen the upper layer, they will be more resistant. If you are looking for a quick solution, you should definitely consider Fortelock Industry.