Production hall

A major manufacturer of aluminum ladders and staircases in the Czech Republic chose Fortelock Industry interlocking floor tiles for renovating its original, uneven floor, i.e. to take the highest load. The elaborated composition and structure the material allows the floor to meet even the most demanding requirements for withstanding stress even under the movement of forklift trucks. The installation of the new PVC floor required only minimum adjustments in the original surface and so provided a very fast and effective solution.

What the client says:

The original floor was uneven, had depressions in it, and the movement of forklifts complicated the situation. We needed a fast and really effective solution, which there are not too many of in this market. At first we were worried whether the floor could handle the forklifts, but after several months I can tell you that it’s been absolutely fine.

Ing. Jiří Kašlík, maintenance supervisor

Details of the installation
Location Veřovice
Area 35 m2
Material used Fortelock Industry 2020 Grey, Fortelock 2025 Yellow
Year of installation 2015

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