Garage, Zlín

A quick repair of the garage floor that you yourself can do. This convenience and comfort comes from Fortelock Industry tiles. A combination of two colors created guide lanes that facilitate orientation in the spaces of the garage and demarcate parking places. The tiles can not only withstand the rolling of wheels on the floor, the leakage of machinery fluids, but also ventilate the original surface.

What the client says:

My neighbor recommended Fortelock tiles to me, which he also installed. I originally had an old painted concrete floor in the garage, but it was very worn and starting to peel. Because of, for example, the salt on car tires in wintertime. Finally, my wife and I installed a Fortelock tile floor. I am very satisfied now, as the tiling is easily washable, and my friends say that I even have it like in the living room.

Garage owner

Details of the installation
Location Zlín
Area 40 m2
Material used Fortelock Industry 2020 Eco Black, Fortelock 2060 Red
Year of installation 2014

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