Garage, Slovakia

Fortelock interlocking tiles are good to use where you know you will have to put everything back in the original condition. An example was the situation of this company in Slovakia. Fortelock Light for medium load capacity in grey and yellow was installed here. The installation of the floor was very simple and the interlocking system made it possible to take the tiles apart and put them back together again as needed.

What the client says:

I approached several suppliers of similar systems. The reasons I decided to go with the Fortelock system were several:
The quick response of the dealer to my inquiry
– His subsequent
willingness to answer my other questions and needs
Appealing price
We work out of rented spaces where we have to protect the original flooring. The deciding factor to use this system was the possibility of taking the floor apart and using it again in the event we moved elsewhere.
Reasons –
easy installation, disassembly option, easy maintenance and durability.

Peter Vráblik

Details of the installation
Location Ilava
Area 34 m2
Material used Fortelock Light 2050 Grey + Fortelock 2015 Fortelock 2015 Yellow, Grey
Year of installation 2016

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