Czech food producer

The renovation of the original, old and much worn floor was easy even while operations continued at the pasta producer. This was thanks to Fortelock Industry PVC floor tiles. The food industry is strictly watched in terms of hygiene and health standards. The fact that maintaining PVC floor tiles is very easy and requires no special tools or products means keeping them clean is easily achievable. Any problems with the capillary action of bottom water or formation of mold are minimized by the drainage channels that draw away excess moisture and allow the floor to dry out from underneath.

What the client says:

I was recently recommended to use Fortelock in pasta production. It’s a 24-hour operation here. Because installing Fortelock is done quickly and easily like a puzzle, there’s no need to limit operations. That was the biggest advantage in this case.
But I also
recommend Fortelock instead of epoxy in cases where moisture is possible. You can take it apart any time and put it back together again after fixing the problem.

Jiří Zeman, Zeman Poured Floors

Details of the installation
Carried out for Czech pasta producer
Location Czech Republic
Area 550 m2
Material used Fortelock Industry 2020 Eco Black
Year of installation 2015

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