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School area, Czech Republic

The concrete floor was once again worn and needed to be repaired. This was a recurring problem in the workshop at a high school in Liberec. Of course, this time no new concrete floor was installed, rather another solution was found. Fortelock Light tiles revived the floor in a short period of time and was done by the local staff. More than 500 m2 was installed on top of the original floor. The interlocking system ensures the strength and coherence of the individual tiles and for several years now the floor has withstood the high number of students.

What the client says:

We had a problem with the floors in our school workshops repeatedly cracking and peeling and solved this problem by installing Fortelock with no increase in costs for further repairs without a clear result.
We needed new floors in the apprentice workshops for carpenters, cabinetmakers, plumbers, fitters
and electrical engineers, where the load was on the average level. In addition to Fortelock solving these problems for us, the ability to install it
quickly and simply by ourselves, at a reasonable price, was also welcome. It will be four years now and we have had no problems with it.

Supervisor of technical and management administration

Implementation details

Carried out for: high school
Location: Liberec, Czech Republic
Area: 490 m2
Material used: Fortelock Light 2050 Grey

School area, Czech Republic

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