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PVC flooring tiles for commercial premises

The shopping centre that chose to use our durable Fortelock Business PVC designer flooring provided us with an excellent reference on its appearance, quality and functionality.
The centre opted for a combination of two decors that draw visitors in while creating a warm, welcoming and modern environment. The ease of installation, which required no traffic restrictions, was a significant plus.

Fortelock Business flooring is also resistant to shopping trolleys, which are a daily occurrence in these premises. In addition, it is very easy to maintain, which is key for shopping centre operators.
Our product has thus met all the requirements and expectations of the customer. We were delighted with his satisfaction with our flooring and it confirmed to us that our products are truly high quality and functional.
If you too are looking for a durable, designer and easy to maintain floor, Fortelock Business is the right solution.


Installation details

Product: Fortelock Business
Colour: Elias T32, Pinnacles T98

PVC flooring tiles for commercial premises

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