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Car service, Spain

This car service struggled for a long time with increasing dusting is caused by its floor, which had incurred the effects of damage and weather over time.

In addition, stains and pollution from spilled operating fluids of the vehicles could no longer be removed from the original floor, causing minor accidents and not making the place look very presentable.

That’s why this car service decided to renovate the floor. Their requirements were the quick installation of the floor, which they could do by themselves without having to close up shop, as well as simple maintenance, cleaning and a professional appearance.


“The original tiles caused us big problems — dust was almost everywhere and we spent a lot of time cleaning. The space also didn’t look very nice. We could no longer operate under these conditions. I admit I didn’t expect such a nice result. Fortelock flooring is the perfect solution for us,” says the owner of the garage.


As part of the floor renovation they went for the popular Fortelock Industry tiles in a grey and diamond finish. To highlight and separate special zones, they chose yellow and red tiles, which completes the overall professional look of the space.


Installation details:

Location: Spain
Product: Fortelock Industry
Area: 120 m2
Color: grey, yellow, red
Individual imprint: no

Car service, Spain

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