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Basement, Commercial Bank, Czech Republic

The heavy load and constant humidity in the spaces were the main reasons that led to the renovation of the floor in the basement of Commercial Bank. Fortelock Industry PVC interlocking tiles were the solution. Choosing a tile supporting the heaviest burden made it possible not only for the safe and easy movement of heavy coinage carts, but the system of drainage channels ensures the floor is ventilated. These tiles also dampen sound and make the whole area look more pleasant.

What the client says:

We had a problem with the floor in the basement where the coins are counted and where coinage carts are used to move them around. We are talking about a weight of up to 600 kg per cart traversing the basement several times a day. Another problem was the constant humidity down there. We looked at several options, floor tile, linoleum, nothing seemed right. We learned about Fortelock from the designer we worked with in preparation for repairing the floor in the coin-counting room. After a year in use, no changes can be seen in the Fortelock tiles, the maintenance is that easy. We are very satisfied with the floor.

Support Services
Commercial Bank, Inc.

Implementation details

Carried out for: Commercial Bank
Location: Czech Republic
Area: 50 m2
Material used: Fortelock Industry 2020 Red and Grey

Basement, Commercial Bank, Czech Republic

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