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5. 5. 2020

PVC Tiles – The ideal flooring system for exhibitions and fairs

Do you participate in exhibitions and fairs? Doesn’t matter what time of the year your exhibition season starts, it’s good to be ready for it in advance. The few days that we all count on can bring either great success, or on the other hand – a big disappointment. If you don’t leave the design and the installation of your exposition to somebody else, but you try to build it on your own, the preparation is crucial and it’s good to think of every detail.

We of course can’t guarantee you a stand that will attract visitors and will be 100% functional. However, we can help you with its floorFortelock mobile flooring system, which will not burden your budget at the time when every dollar counts. It resist the influx of visitors, you can lay it yourself and dismount it at the end of the exhibition to save it for another time. Interested? Let’s take a closer look.

Install the floor how you like it

There is a lot of people looking for a basic, standard floor, but the need for a mobile floor, which can be moved, laid, installed, dismantled and removed again, is less common. Maybe that is the reason not many people are oriented when talking about portable flooring options. One of these options are PVC tiles from Fortelock.

On the market, you may find mobile, specially designed floor coverings for sports arenas, exhibitions, dance halls or other uses. However, this will probably be used by organizations that regularly organize these kinds of events. If you plan to use the floor in a number of occasions, not just at exhibitions, it is better to buy something more versatile. Fortelock flooring, among other benefits, gives you exactly this. You can use it not only when presenting your products or services at fairs, exhibitions or showrooms, but also during many other activities.

Floor structure

There are many types of material that you can choose either in the form of a board or tiles. It may seem as a small difference, but beware of your comfort. If you need something quick and easy to manipulate with, you better get the tiles that can be easily laid and dismounted again. You can buy as much as you need. When time comes and you later need to cover a different sized area, you can easily add or remove the number of tiles. With their size, you will be able to comfortably put them in the trunk of your car and more, you will not need the assistance of another person.

How to choose?

Speed of the installation

You need to lay and take down the floor quickly, there is no time to waste. Once the exhibition administration allows you to access the grounds, it only takes few days or hours to build your stand. Most mobile floors use interlocking system similar to Fortelock. In case of Fortelock, however, you do not need anything special to lay the floor. Only thing you will need is a rubber hammer to help the tiles fit to each other and, if needed, a simple cutting knife to cut the tiles around the walls or corners. You can lay the tiles directly on the wooden or concrete floor of the exhibition grounds. In addition, this way you will protect the original floor that visitors could damage which means you won’t have any potential additional costs.


If you ever visited or regularly attend an exhibition, you have certainly noticed that some businesses or traders have their stand built on their own groundwork.

Using your own floor has advantages also in terms of the design. You can attract the attention of visitors, differentiate yourself from the competition or even match the floor with your brand colors. Tiles are combinable.

Moving the floor around

Fortelock flooring is easy to move and easy to disassemble. Once moving you can put pieces on top of each other and since their size is 51 cm x 51 cm max (based on the type) you can storage them almost anywhere.

High resistance

Tiles that you will often dismantle, transport and again use on exhibitions, social or other events should should stand up to something. Consider a lot of load, not only in terms of weight. In addition to tables, chairs, full shelves, or other heavy things, it can also happen that ladies will walk the floor on high, thin heels. And if you or one of the visitors manage to damage your mobile floor, the solution is simple – instead of replacing the entire floor, just replace one damaged piece!

Durable interlocks

The joints between each pieces should also be durable. The floor will often be laid and dismounted, for which Fortelock also responds. Specially designed locks do not change their shape and form a strong connection even after frequent repeated usage. Since you will always connect them with the already mentioned rubber hammer, you do not have to worry about them being damaged. You can use the floor for years, easily adjust the size of the stand, and in the event that some piece is destroyed, you will simply replace it with a new one.


Last but not least, take care of security. Doesn’t matter where the floor will be located. Whether you want to use it at an exhibition, a birthday party or anywhere else, unless no one will slip on it, you can be less concerned. Fortelock with anti-skidding, which is suitable even for areas with higher demands, will at least in part prevent possible accidents.

Mobile Floor – further use

The numbers of situations where it would be good to have a piece of floor with you, is pretty big and in some moments, a solid foundation under your feet would bring you more comfort. The advantage of the mobile floor is that you can use it not only for your business but also for your personal needs. In addition to common uses, such as a garage or workshop floor, Fortelock can also be used as a floor for various social events.

When organizing various celebrations under large tents, the mobile floor can be a great temporary accessory. The tent will protect from rain and direct sun not only your guests but also the tiles, which are made of PVC. This will make the stay in it more enjoyable for everyone involved, for example, while standing and chatting around cocktail tables. Fortelock can also be a huge support while organizing events in leased spaces, buildings or gyms. Thanks to portable flooring systems you’ll be able to transform almost any space and adjust the atmosphere of your events.

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