Mark the paths in your warehouse with tiles


A mess in the warehouse can make things difficult for any company, no matter its size. Those who care about cleanliness and occupational safety cannot do without strict rules, organisation and coloured marking.

The colours on the floor are essentially the best way to mark:

  • zones for movement of personnel, fork-lift trucks and other machinery,
  • individual parts of the storehouse – for instance those destined to store flowerpots, those for watering cans, restricted areas and so on,
  • dangerous spaces (narrow passages, tricky curves or crossroads),
  • corridors and other roads.

What are the options of floor marking?

Common practice dictates to have a monolithic floor of grey or black colour with the zones marked onto it with paint or tape. The latter is certainly the worst option, it does not last and peels off very soon after application, making it only a temporary solution. Similar qualities apply for paints as well. Their lifespan is longer but after several years they wear off and must be maintained if they are to keep fulfilling their purpose. All in all, they even turn out more expensive, as the company must pay for the removal and re-application.

In opposition to these stand the coloured PVC tiles Fortelock. Once you click them shut like a jigsaw your job is over. The colour is permanent, the tiles last ages. And if ever you manage to damage one, you simply replace that one piece. Another huge advantage is the short time of installation – the production doesn’t have to stop during the replacement, as it is the case for epoxy floors that only dries up in 12-18 hours.

You can mark anything with Fortelock

The PVC Fortelock Industry tiles are designed for spaces like storehouses because it is ready to withstand heavy loads of the fork-lift trucks and other machines. This one is issued in three non-slip versions and twelve colours. With this many colours you can come up with practically anything, let your imagination run wild. You can match it to the company colours, mark corridors and zones to improve occupational safety, mark red areas with restricted access.

However, what matters more than design in storehouses is the practicality. That is why PVC tiles Fortelock include also a series of floor transitions, particularly useful for the stripes marking fork-lift truck paths. As far as zones with high movement of personnel are concerned, anti-slip motives seem like the right choice to do. That goes also for the parts of storehouse where one expects water to appear. After all, even that can be marked by another colour.

Marking of zones is meant to be practical and make life easy. Keep that in mind.