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14. 4. 2021

How to repair a floor in a car repair shop?

Are you considering renovating the floor of your car repair shop? You want a strong, durable and almost maintenance-free floor. We will compare concrete and PVC floors for you here.

Most garages have concrete floors, which are cheap and should be durable and long-lasting. But over years, a concrete floor can start to crack. Cracks not only cause dust, but they also need to be repaired to prevent them from spreading and causing more damage.

Such a floor is not easy to repair, because it’s oily and cracked. Coatings won’t stick for long to it, and the same applies to grout and tiles. One option is to re-concrete the floor. You get a new floor again, but it costs you time, downtime and a lot of money.

The second repair option is to lay high-strength Fortelock tiles. You can install these plastic tiles yourself and in a fraction of the time. You don’t need professionals or additional material to buy and you don’t have to remove or modify the original substrate. If the floor is level, just sweep it and remove all impurities before installation. In addition, Fortelock tiles can withstand high mechanical loads and technical fluids, you can easily install it in intervals outside operating hours as well as choose anti-slip patterns, and the insulating feature of the tiles makes working under cars more pleasant and less noisy. The high durability of Fortelock PVC tiles means a long service life of up to 25 years!

Learn more about Fortelock tiles here.


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