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Gym Floor: Fortelock PVC Tiles

Exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are key to our physical and mental well-being. Whether it’s weight training, cardio training or team sports, the environment in which we do these activities is crucial to our motivation and safety. A key element of any gym, fitness centre or fitness room is undoubtedly the floor, which must not only withstand heavy loads, but also ensure safe movement during exercise. Fortelock PVC tiles are the ideal solution that meets all these requirements and also allows for quick and easy installation without interrupting operations.

Durable Gym Floor and Safety First

You need to choose your gym floor with care. It must not only withstand heavy machinery and weights, but also provide sufficient traction for safe movement. Fortelock PVC tiles are characterised by high wear resistance and have an anti-slip surface, which ensures safety during every exercise.

Easy and Quick Installation

One of the main advantages of Fortelock tiles is the simplicity and speed of installation. The gym floor can be refurbished literally overnight, which is ideal for areas with a high volume of visitors where it is not possible to interrupt operations for long periods of time. The tiles are easily joined with a puzzle-type lock and do not require gluing or a special substrate, which greatly speeds up the installation process. We recommend gluing only in places where there are large fluctuations in temperature or in places where the sun’s rays fall. See how easy the installation in the gym is – video.

Flexibility and Design

Fortelock PVC tiles are available in a variety of colours and designs, allowing you to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Especially in gyms, you’ll appreciate the ability to visually divide the space into several sections. This will make it easier for visitors to find their way around and increase safety. In addition, if one tile is damaged, it can be easily and quickly replaced without having to rebuild the entire floor.

Cost-effectiveness and Maintenance

Investing in quality floor pays off in the long run. Thanks to its high durability and easy replacement of damaged parts, Fortelock PVC tiles are a cost-effective solution. Maintenance costs are minimal, saving not only money but also time. The floor is also easy to maintain, which is particularly important for the conditions of the exercise area. If you are wondering what cleaning products to use and how to carry out the maintenance, read 6 Tips for a Perfectly Clean Floor.

Fortelock – the Ideal Gym Floor

Choosing a floor for your gym or fitness centre is now easier with Fortelock PVC tiles, given the challenging conditions and the need for flexible renovation. These floors offer the combination of durability, safety, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness that is essential for modern sports facilities. See for yourself the benefits of Fortelock floors and make your gym a place people will love to come back to.

Recommended Types of Tiles for the Gym and Fitness Centre:

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