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2. 7. 2020

Fitness and gym flooring. Which one to choose?

Floors in gyms, fitness centers, as well as floorings in home gyms have to endure a lot every day. Whether you own a fitness center or enjoy spending time in your own home gym, you were surely already thinking about what floor to choose under your fitness equipment, barbells and machines.

There are several options. From classic deck floors, used mainly in gymnasiums, through rubber floors all the way to concrete combined with carpet or other floor coverings. But have you heard about PVC tiles?

Quick and easy installation on almost any surface

Let’s start from the beginning by one of the great benefits of the interlocking tiles. Again, it doesn’t matter whether you own a larger or smaller fitness center or just a are “just” a home enthusiast. The DIY installation is truly welcomed by anyone who thinks not only functionally but also economically.

Fortelock PVC tiles can be installed on almost any surface. The basic assumption is that the original surface is as hard and as flat as possible. If your original surface is concrete, you just need to sweep or vacuum it and you can start laying the tiles. From our customer reviews, we can confirm that the installation can be handled by almost anyone while avoiding cost increases for works and services of flooring companies.

Fortelock is based on an interlocking system similar to the one used by lock pavings. On all four sides, each tile is fitted with locks that fit perfectly into each other. They form a strong connection for which you will need only a rubber hammer. One person is able to lay up to 20 m² of floor in just one hour.

Easy maintenance and immediate usability

Maybe you’re wondering: “How will I clean it, do I need something special?” or perhaps “For how long will I have to wait until I’ll be able to start using the floor?” The good news is that PVC tiles, after they’ve been laid, are immediately ready for use and maintenance requires no special devices or cleaning stuff. If you’ve had a carpet in your gym in the past, say goodbye to its strenuous cleaning or dustiness. On the other hand if you’ll go with Fortelock, in order to maintain the cleanliness in your gym you’ll be good enough with a vacuum cleaner. In case of spilled beverages or sweat, a simple mop and a common cleaner will do the job.

High resistance – impact of dumbbells will no longer be a problem

Certainly you have already experienced a situation, when negligence or sometimes the laziness of your clients to put the used equipment into the stands or on the ground caused it to fall on the floor. The impact of a dumbbell or other heavy fitness equipment can cause great problems for a concrete floor. Best case scenario, only cracks will appear, the real problem starts when the concrete will start to drool or even fall over. Then there is nothing else but to flatten the floor again, which is difficult not only in terms of money, but also time – your business needs to be closed for a while.

Fortelock is also suitable for heavy industry therefore it can easily handle such shocks and bumps. It is designed to withstand the load of forklift trucks up to 1500 kg. In addition, it does not only protect your original surface but also provides sound insulation, and as a PVC product also thermal insulation. If some of the tiles get damaged by chance, you do not have to deal with expensive repair of your concrete floor, but just replace the damaged piece for another one.

No slipping anymore

During workout, for example squats, stability and solid ground under the feet of your clients is important. Fortelock PVC tiles include also anti-skid parameters, so you do not have to worry about slipping. In addition, you can choose from 4 patterns, each of which meets strict European standards concerning anti-skid.

Color diversity and mobility

Another advantage, which surely will be appreciated by owners of any gym or fitness center, is the opportunity of combining up to 12 colors. Fortelock tiles with their dimensions of 51 x 51 cm (including locks) make it easy to separate individual zones of your gym. Your clients will immediately be able to see and recognize the space reserved for cardio or the heavy weights are with racks, dumbbells and so on. You can also put tiles under your fitness machines or racks, and if you decide to find them another placement, you can easily move the floor with them. Fortelock PVC flooring systems are portable and repeated laying and disassembling does not affect the strength of the locks.

Warranty up to 12 years

You may have already met or have your own experience with tiles made of rubber. They resemble and can be mistaken with PVC tiles, but they have one major disadvantage. Most of them are too soft and after time or thanks to temperature change they can change their shape. With the use of Fortelock, you can forget about undulation and subsequent damage to the locks. Even in this matter Fortelock meets the demanding requirements of the European standards and we guarantee their quality with our warranty up to 12 years.

If you are interested in our flooring system, but you have not yet see it in person, we will be happy to send you a sample free of charge. You will be able to make your own image of the quality and tenacity of the material from which Fortelock is made. Feel free to fill out our “Free samples” form.

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