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11. 10. 2021

Are you looking for a suitable garage floor for your tuning car?

Tuning carsĀ“ lovers garage has to withstand a lot and it is mainly the floor which wears out the most

The garage floor must meet several basic parameters, thanks to which it can serve well in the given spaces. First of all, it should have durability, long life time, but it must also withstand high loads and ideally be easy to maintain. So which floor should you choose for your garage ?

The epoxy resin floors or polyurethane coatings are a frequently used and popular variant. Some people choose stone floor or stone carpets for their garages. Their installation and maintenance are relatively lengthy and complicated.

Fortelock tiles are characterized by resistance to chemicals and abrasion, wear and tear resistance and resistance to stress. They provide thermal and sound insulation and also they are very easy to maintain and clean. The durable and tight lock system ensures that only a minimal amount of water can get under the floor. The tiles have AirFlow ducts, which provide ventilation. Therefore, there is no rot or odor under the tiles.

One of the advantages of Fortelock PVC tiles is the possibility of replacing individual tiles without the need to dismantle the entire floor. Simply remove the damaged tile and replace with a new one.

The floor maintenance is also very easy. Simply wipe the floor with a mop, water and a basic floor cleaner. If you want to increase the gloss of the floor or clean extreme dirt, we recommend Dr. Schutz products.

And the best in the end. The polymer structure of the Fortelock floor is resistant to most oils and acids. When spilling, just wipe the tiles.


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