Are you building a business or small office space? Start with the floor


Shops, small offices, entrance areas, showrooms, studies, facilities for employees. Fortelock Decor can be considered for all of them because it retains all the features you want but at the same time looks elegant. Its bold look replaces ordinary tile. It can look like stone and a wood decor is being prepared.

The flooring in commercial areas should be purposeful, functional and likewise aesthetic in appearance. Linoleum or laminate are very common choices. In comparison with Fortelock PVC floor tiles, however, both of these options have their drawbacks.

What might discourage you from linoleum and laminate floors?

The popular linoleum is made from renewable sources, has a long life, and its appearance does not change. It’s available in many designs and thicknesses, and the thicker it is the better quality it is. A problem can already arise during installation, however. The surface must be 100% clean, flat and dry, and if the installation doesn’t go too well, air bubbles can form. Linoleum has the tendency to work. There’s no getting around maintenance, either, and it must be waxed from time to time. And the price? Linoleum is very affordable, starting at around 130 CZK/m2. But there’s no need to speak about high quality in this case. For good linoleum, you have to add several hundred per meter square. And that’s not counting the labor for installation.

Laminate floors are typically the choice of people who yearn for wood, but cannot afford it on account of the price. You can get laminate imitating various trees for anywhere between 200 to 1,000 CZK/m2, but again you must add in the labor costs. Its big advantage is it can carry a heavy load and is not damaged by rolling chairs or the weight of heavy furniture. The downside for a business is its poor sound-insulating properties. Your every step will be heard on the floor beneath you.

Where does Fortelock Decor place in this regard?

Fortelock Decor PVC floor tiles currently come in two versions – Business and Solid. The Business series looks like stone, Solid is reminiscent of classic tiles. It’s produced in bright shades that do not darken the space and so are good for smaller rooms with inadequate light.

In comparison with linoleum and laminate, its big advantage is installation. PVC tiles do not need to be glued, only installed, and a system of locks ensure they stay firmly in place. Anyone can install them one after another with nothing more than a rubber hammer. This way saves on installation costs. Since the tiles are not glued, a damaged piece can be removed anytime and replaced with a new one. Even the entire floor can be taken apart, something appreciated by businesses that are renting their office space and expect to move one day.

The properties of Fortelock Decor tiles are the same as for other models. They have a long life, high resistance to wear (even to the movement of rolling chairs) and to chemicals, and require no special care. Simply install them and they are ready to go. Don’t lose any time with your floor, rather concentrate on your business.