Refugee camp, Düsseldorf

A Fortelock Light floor is good for different areas. This is demonstrated by the fact that more than 6,300 m2 of the floor can be found in a refugee camp in Germany. The sophisticated structure and design really made installing the floor very quick and ready for immediate use. The residents of these temporary quarters are now protected against the dampness and cold of the earth, and the floor can withstand heavy traffic and is easy to clean while ensuring hygienic requirements.

What the client says:

Speed of installation. It was the main requirement for installing the floor in the refugee camp. Fortelock is unbeatable in this respect, because 6,300 m2 were installed in less than 3 weeks.

Details of the installation
Location Düsseldorf
Area 7,600 m2
Material used Fortelock Light 2060 Graphite
Year of installation 2016

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