Leased premises, Slovakia

The Fortelock floor is also good in leased premises. You don’t have to worry about ruining the original floor, you can install the new one to your liking and then easily return everything to its original state. In short, whatever you bring with you, you can take away. This is what a garage in Slovakia did. They installed Fortelock floor tiles on the original curvy 140 m2 concrete surface twice, because they ended up changing the direction of the installation.

What the customer says:

We were looking for a floor that was easy to keep clean with a minimum amount of dust. We work here with car stickers and coatings and so need the space to be as clean as possible. We originally thought about painting the old concrete to keep it from gathering dust, but in the end we chose Fortelock tiles. We installed the floor ourselves. We had to disassemble and reassemble it, because the design didn’t turn out quite according to our liking, but we discovered that it was really easy to do. Because we are in leased premises, it’s good for us to have something that we can easily take apart.

Lamana Ltd.

Details of the installation
InstallationGarage, Bratislava
Location Slovakia
Area140 m2
Material usedFortelock 2010 Graphite
Year of installation2017

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