High school, Třinec

Fortelock PVC floor tiles make very useful floors in the gyms and fitness centers of schools. Their safe, non-slip surface and easy maintenance are the main advantages why school administrations have chosen this type of flooring. Check out the photos of this renovated gym for students at a high school in Třinec.

What the client says:

We installed tiling as part of an extensive renovation of the gym in 2015. Before then, we had a carpet in here that became really old and worn over the years. We learned about Fortelock tiles from a construction company that recommended them. We knew absolutely nothing about them before then. Today there is regular concrete beneath the tiles. The installation required no special modifications. We clean it easily with a mop as part of regular maintenance, or do some machine cleaning during bigger cleanups. It’s been a few years now and we’re still satisfied with it.

Vice-principal of the school

Details of the installation
Installation Gym, High school, Třinec
Location CZ
Area 250 m2
Material used Fortelock 2020 Blue, Fortelock 2020 Grey
Year of installation 2015

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