High school, Pobořany

Thanks to its versatile usage, the Fortelock floor is used in the grammar and vocational schools in Pobořany. The floor can not only take the stress of exercising equipment, but also the more than one hundred students who visit the gym during the week. The easy cleaning of the safe, non-slip surface eliminates the risk of falls or unintentional injuries.

What the customer says:

We installed the floor ourselves in the gym.  Our maintenance men replaced the old worn carpet with gray PVC floor tiles. The decision to replace the floor mainly had to do with having a floor that’s easy to clean, doesn’t gather dust or looks worn from the start. It’s been a couple of years now and we have no regrets about this floor.

School administration

Details of the installation
Installation Gym, High school, Pobořany
Location CZ
Area 50 m2
Material used Fortelock Industry (2010) Grey
Year of installation 2015

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